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Why should I not write my own PR /
brochure copy / instruction manual?

There's no reason why you shouldn't, but please get our opinion on your writing style first. You can do no end of harm to your company's reputation and image by sending out unsuitable material. Furthermore, if you're thinking about PR, as a journalist, our principal can tell you what the reaction will be to your writing. It's important to 'talk the same language' as your intended audience. And consumers and journalists frequently speak very different tongues. Even the best non-professional writer can make rudimentary mistakes that will have the recipients of their efforts falling on the floor laughing. Let us ensure that that doesn't happen to you, and that your literature isn't instantly filed in the waste bin.

Why should I use brackendene.com?

As a small business, we understand the needs and budgetary restraints of small to medium sized companies. We aim to help you reach your target audience effectively and efficiently without having to make the investment of appointing a large, expensive agency. The stakeholders in brackendene.com have simple needs: we are not striving to own a fleet of Porsches - we're quite happy being able to pay the bills and go out for a pint on a Friday night.

How do you distribute press releases?

We can either send them through e-mail or the postal system. If we're e-mailing them then they pass through our list server, which makes them appear to come from you. If we send them through the post, they are mailed by us or our London-based distribution partner depending upon the quantity.

Do you specialise in working for any particular industry / sector?

No but we have done a great deal of work in recent years in the high technology sector - mainly for manufacturers - and some resellers and trade organisations - of consumer electronics equipment. As a result, we are equally comfortable working with specialist subject matter as we are with more general subjects.

Can I employ you for a single project?

Yes. We are happy to work on whatever basis best suits our client, whether that is on contract or when and as required.